"Tiny Japanese restaurant with a big Omakase experience."

Name: Kiyokawa
Type: Japanese, Sushi
Good for: Omakase
Location: Robertson between Olympic and Wilshire[Google it!]
PPP: $64 for Omakase sushi, $78 for Omakase cooked/sushi dinner
Overall vibe: Neighborhood Gem
Anything bogus: None

The Location

Nestled in a relatively unpretentious part of Beverly Hills, it's easy to miss Chef Sato's namesake restaurant. There's a somewhat large illuminated white sign but even this is easy to ignore. I had no idea it was there until it was specifically pointed out to me by a friend.

The Atmosphere

The Food

First course.

Second course.

Third course.

Fourth course.

Fifth course.

Sixth course.

Seventh course.

The Service

Chef Sato mans the sushi bar and has a small team working the kitchen and the dining room. Regardless of how crowded it is, the service is never slow nor lacking. We felt genuinely paid attention to.

Anything Bogus?

It'd be nice if he carried more rare and interesting types of fish, though honestly the preparation of what he has is perfect.


Not since The Hump have I experienced Omakase to this degree. I only wish Chef Sato would offer more varieties of fish, such as bonito, swordfish, barracuda, pencilfish, butterfish, etc.